Organizing Committee of the Students’ Scientific Session Faculty of Finance and Banking "THE ABC OF THE FINANCIAL WORLD" addresses special thanks to partners for participating and awarding the best scientific papers.



Students' Scientific Session

organized by the Faculty of Finance and Banking in partnership with Centre of Financial and Monetary Research CEFIMO



Call for papers

Institute of Financial Studies (IFS) continues the educational partnership offered to the Scientific Session of students from the Faculty of Finance and Banking awarding the best papers that present analyzes related to non-banking financial markets. The prizes are:
- I prize 1.000 lei
- II nd prize 500 lei

MAZARS ROMANIA will evaluate the papers presented by the students during the Scientific Session “THE ABC OF THE FINANCIAL WORLD”, organized by the Faculty of Finance and Banking, based on the following criteria:
- How the papers are written: it will be evaluated both in terms of form and content (accuracy, structure, impact);
- The novelty and relevance of the research topic;
- Presentation: communication skills, argumentation, critical thinking, speaking in front of an audience;
- Ability to correctly assess the usefulness and impact of theoretical concepts in the current business environment;
- Ability to emphasize the importance of the research and its added value.
Awards, that will be decided by MAZARS ROMANIA, are:
- I prize: paid Internship (3 months) or individual employment contract, based on the winner decision + 1000 lei
II nd prize :paid Internship (1 month).