Submissions of research papers on the following topics, without being limited to them, are welcome:

Behavioral finance
- psychology of financial decision-making
- psychology of financial markets
- time-varying risk behavior
- speculative asset bubbles
- investors forecasts

Finance and investment
- financial modelling and decision-making analysis and methods
- investment valuation and analysis
- statistics and econometrics
- FinTech
- Blockchain
- LittleData to BigData

Corporate finance
- corporate decision making
- market timing and capital structure
- corporate financial policy and strategy
- corporate financial practice: factoring, supply chain finance & global treasuries
- distribution of incomes of corporations
- information asymmetries

Game theory
- new ideas and applications
- strategic setting
- decision processes
- financial decision
- fair value and acquisition
- free rider problem

Financial markets and institutions
- market’s efficiency and reactions
- investor sentiment and financial decision
- hedge fund industry
- portfolio management
- management of financial institutions
- stock and bond values
- international financial markets

Mathematical economics
- applied probability models
- forecasting methods for finance and banking
- decision making under uncertainty
- numerical data presentation
- process analysis
- dynamic optimization

Derivatives and management of risk
- stock markets, cash and marketable securities
- options and futures markets
- foreign currency exchange and risk
- risks and rates of return
- time value of money
- regulatory issues in financial services

Application of operations research methods in finance
- rational and research design
- triangulation approaches in finance research
- models and methods
- weaknesses of mono-method approaches for finance puzzles (dividend, capital structure)
- deal with non-quantifiable issues and methodology selection bias

- credit and systemic risk
- banking regulation
- applied global money management
- finances of international banking
- money markets
- bankruptcy and organization

- management of insurance enterprise and risks
- health, life and government insurance programs
- organizational exposure to data protection
- new insurance solutions to mitigate emerging risks worldwide in the areas of technology, environment, society and politics
- financial impact of new services

Public finance and macroeconomic stability
- tax planning, administration and impact on decision making
- impact of government policy
- political economy of social policy
- race, ethnicity and public policy
- public budgeting and policy debates
- economic growth



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