EURO WORKING GROUP FOR COMMODITIES AND FINANCIAL MODELLING was founded in September 1986 in Lisbon. The primary field of interest is: "financial models that help to solve problems faced by financial decision makers in the firm, intermediaries and the investment community". The main aims of the EWGCFM are: providing an international forum for exchange of information and experience on financial modelling; encouraging research in financial modelling (new techniques, methodologies, empirical studies, software, etc.); stimulating and strengthening the interaction between financial economic theory and the practice of financial decision making; cooperating and exchanging information with other universities and financial institutions throughout Europe. It has over 450 members, 48 international meetings organized all over the world, a Paris’ Award introduced in 2009 for young scholars and an own newsletter (NEWSFLOW).
FACULTY OF FINANCE AND BANKING from Bucharest University of Economic Studies has a long history that dates back to 1913, when it was founded the Bucharest Academy of Commercial and Industrial Studies (AISCI) by the Royal Decree no. 2978/April 6, 1913. Licensing the students in the field of finance gained a legitimate status by establishing the first section in the AISCI. This may be considered as foundation preamble period from 1948 to Faculty of Finance-Credit that provides academic preparation of students in two sections: Finance, Credit. Regardless of the organization and specialization achieved in the faculty, its graduates obtained a theoretical and practical training in accordance with the dynamic requirements of the financial, banking, insurance and stock domains, both national and international, being able to say that the faculty is one of the main trainers of the Romanian economists specialized in finance.
INFER is a global, dynamic non-profit organization supporting science and research in all areas of economics. It currently has more than 250 active members and several institutional members, across 37 countries on five continents. INFER encourages scientific discussions during its annual conferences and its workshops organized on specific topics. It also offers excellent publication possibilities to its members.
Center of Financial and Monetary Research (CEFIMO) is the first research centre organized at the Faculty of Finance and Banking. In 1992, a small group of researchers establish the Laboratory of Macroeconomic Modelling (LMM). The work of LMM was mostly finance oriented and, hence, its members decided to join FABBV. CEFIMO came into existence in 2000, and in 2003 it was certified by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research. The Center aims in developing a consistent basic and experimental research within the following areas: public finance, corporate finance, monetary and banking system, insurance, international finance.
Doctoral School of Finance ensures a higher form of university education in finance. This has been a continuing concern over its 106 years of existence of Bucharest University of Economic Studies as well as for the 71 years since the creation of the finance specialization as a distinct faculty. Throughout the existence of Bucharest University of Economic Studies, one can find clear a tendency towards the selection of topics, as subjects for doctoral theses, which fell largely in the sphere of finance, addressing current issues regarding public finance, corporate finance, taxation, currency and credit, insurance, foreign currency relations, and capital market.
Romanian Association of Finance and Banking – RoFIBA is a newly established association gathering academics, researchers and practitioners in the field of finance and banking. It aims at promoting professional, scientific and ethical values to stand for and to cherish the interests of its members. The association acts in the sense of preserving, building and developing the traditions of the national and international economic science, of strengthening the connection between the researchers, academics worldwide and of increasing the visibility of their work.
SIF BANAT-CRISANA is a Romanian legal entity, constituted as a joint stock company with privately owned capital. SIF Banat-Crişana was incorporated as a joint stock company in November 1996, by reorganizing and transforming the Private Property Fund I Banat-Crişana, according to Law no. 133/1996 for the transformation of Private Equity Funds into financial investment companies. SIF Banat-Crişana functions as a closed-end investment company with a diversified investment policy, based on the regulations of the National Securities Commission (NSC) / Financial Supervision Authority - Financial Instruments and Investment Sector (ASF). It’s main activity is financial intermediation such as: making financial investments in order to maximize the value of their own shares in accordance with the regulations in force; managing the investment portfolio and exercising all the rights associated with the instruments in which it is invested; other auxiliary and related activities in accordance with the regulations in force.


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